Thursday was VIKING DAY, where we launched our new topic with some fun activities and met a very special visitor.

In the morning we created our own Viking longboat and learnt about where Vikings came from and traveled to.


Once our ship had been created, a special visitor popped by our classroom. Ms C was watching a Time Team Special on The Vikings when she noticed that Ruarigh Dale, who was interviewed on the programme as a Viking expert, was from Nottingham! She invited him to come and hang out with Class 5 for the day.

Ruarigh came in to talk to us about the Vikings. He taught us to write in Norse runes and helped us to recreate a Viking battle! We shouted intimidating chants – “ODIN! ODIN! GRRRRRR!” – and looked at similarities between the chants of beserkers and the hakka, which sportsmen still do today to intimate their foes. Poor old Charlie even came away with her own war wound!

Ruarigh left us with a copy of his new book, which he signed for us, and he even scribbled a few autographs too! Thank you Ruarigh!

What’s the best thing that you’ve found out about The Vikings?


4 thoughts on “VIKING DAY!

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  2. The best thing I’ve found out about Vikings was the used to dye their clothes with natural dyes such as: spinach and grass for green, beatrute and red berries for red, crushed walnut shells for brown and much much more. I also liked finding out that they dyed thier hair with wee.


  3. Dear Amazing Burford 5!
    I’m really pleased to hear that you enjoyed your special visit from Ruarigh. Did you know that Ruarigh is graduating tomorrow (10 December) and he will be a Doctor? As his former teacher, I am very proud of him, and his new book, and also very proud of his work with you.
    Best wishes,
    Judith Jesch
    (Professor of Viking Studies at the University of Nottingham)


    • Thank you so much for your comment, and Happy New Year!
      So sorry that we’re only just reading this now and will send Ruarigh an email right now to congratulate him!
      Best wishes for 2015
      Ms C


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